Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Getting back in the saddle

I finally pulled out the needles and went on a knitting retreat with the Tigard Knitting Guild to our lady of sorrow retreat center. Nancy bush was the instructor, and I had a blast! I got frustrated at a few of the techniques, but found that if I was having particular difficulty, that I needed to go out in the hall and practice without all of the noise.

I admired Nancy Bush before the classes, but I have a newfound respect for her. She's incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but I was a little starstruck to be sure. When I told her that, she reminded me that she was just a normal person. I honestly knew that, but I guess that reading her books I found her patterns and techniques to be so amazing, I figured she must float in the air when she walks. I'm teasing a bit, but I do think her designs are fabulous, and she was really incredible to be around.

I did have one thing happen that wasn't so pleasant, but it is par for the course in a diabetic's life. I just wish it would've waited for the retreat to be over. It was a bit embarassing, but nice to know that some in the guild consider me more than just another knitter. I had two spots of cellulitis on my abdomen, and a nurse in the group felt it best if I go to the ER. Probably a good idea, as one had an abscess, but I'm on antibiotics now, so things should be shaping up here soon.

I was a bit concerned going to a Catholic facility. I had hoped that religion wouldn't be the center of attention, and that we could go on knitting uninterrupted. There was no reason for me to be concerned once I met the nuns. They were just people too. There was one nun that I lovingly called 'the rebel nun'. She told us how she was always late to mass, and that all of the nuns went to bed at 10pm, and they'd ask her when she was going to bed. She'd tell them 'Whenever I get there'. She was such a hoot. There was one nun there whose smile seemed to beam across the room like a lighthouse. The lodgings were modest, but very peaceful. The food was incredible! I didn't get a chance to roam the grounds, but heard they have very peaceful trails. I will be going back if ever I need a reflection period. It'd be the perfect place.

We heard that the nuns love ham. They only get it if someone donates a ham to them. So, many of us are going to be buying them a nice ham for Christmas. They very much deserve it.

I guess this weekend was educational in more ways that one. Successful authors and nuns can be people too. I'm not sure why I expected certain things of them, normally I don't think things like that.

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