Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How not to dye roving with Kool-Aid

Please excuse the order of the photos, blogger doesn't seem to want to put the way I want them, it must choose some random order.

I thought It'd be fun to try to dye roving with Kool-Aid, so I did a little research and set up in the kitchen. I picked some colors, followed instructions, then knocked over the cups containing the Kool-Aid all over the roving. What should've been a beautiful purple green and yellow turned into a muddy brown and putrid yellow. There are some spots where you can see my intended colors, but boy are they few and far between. In spite of all of this, I spun some of it up and it doesn't look too bad. I know I can use it for something. Maybe. Hopefully.

Here's some of the best spinning I've done yet! I'm so pleased with how I'm doing.

This is how the brown/yellow/purple mess spun up. Really, it wasn't as bad as it looked in roving form.

Well, try and try again. This time I went with a pink, red, and dark red. This one turned out much, much better.

This is the best parts of the mistake dyed roving. The other parts look rather brown and muddy green. I love the purple in it, though.

I also went out and got some more pre-dyed Targhee top roving, and I had bought a pound of Corriedale Cross while on the Shop Hop, so I've got lots of spinning to do.

Now that the Shop Hop is over, I'll have more time to do blogging. It was a great time, but it was a lot of work. See some photos and a synopsis here.


Anonymous Karen said...

Your handspun looks great! I really like the green skein. Are you using the drop spindle that you showed on your blog a few months back?

6:39 PM  

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