Monday, May 08, 2006

Booga bag and Comments

Karen commented: Your handspun looks great! I really like the green skein. Are you using the drop spindle that you showed on your blog a few months back?

Thank you so much! I think it is by far the most even yarn I've spun, and I'm really proud of it. Yes! I do have another one that I bought a while back because I was having problems with that one. Do you remember how the first one I got in my kit was split, so the hook kept falling out? This one was also split but it didn't have the hook problem. The more I use it, the looser the hook gets. I've only test spun the new one, because I'm rather used to this one. Thank you for getting my yarn and needles to me so fast, that really was incredible service. If anyone in blog land is looking for a customer service oriented supplier, I highly recommend Karen.

Patti commented: As far as I'm concerned, Noro has improved over the years, at least as far as vegetable matter. Some I get no knots, but even when I do get some, not as many as before. I've used Noro (various yarns) for probably 10 years or so and I think they've heard the complaints. I don't worry about the knots if I'm felting as they don't seem to show. I completely agree with your assessment of Marge Wiley. She is the best. Patti

As I was knitting with it, I did come across a few knots, but nothing that would be considered excessive. Yeah, Marge is such a wonderful woman. When I was sitting down with her to go over the Shop Hop stuff, she wasn't just interested in the bottom line of how everything would work, she actually asked about me. She was interested in what I was knitting, how long I have been was surprising to me. With the majority of the vendors and stores we have a strictly business relationship (with the exception of Karen, who is also a very friendly woman) so it was surprising that she wanted to get to know me. I hope you had fun on the Shop Hop! I was so tired (not to mention sick) that I think I was mostly just there in a physical sense. My Mother thanks you for your support, by the way. I'm working on getting her website up, and you'll be able to see things she's made in the past, things she's just finished, and her thoughts for future products once it's done. You can see a gallery of sorts on there now.

I finished the Booga bag, and it was such a fun knit! It was really fun watching the beautiful colors of the Noro emerge. I had enough yarn left over for a little coin pouch. Sadly, I got carried away with the felting and created a mini-booga. I still love it though!

This is the bag hanging from my front door after blocking.

This is the coin pouch I made. I thought a zipper might not work, but it really does! The sewing matted the felt down enough that it doesn't get caught in the zipper. You can sort of see how it is connected to the bag. I attached a key ring to the inside handle and had already sewed a key ring to the coin pouch before felting it. I just connected them together.

Open view of the coin pouch

Closer view of the sewing job of the zipper on the side. I started by pinning the zipper on, then used sewing thread to attach it. I went over that with the Noro yarn just because I thought it would be more secure.


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