Sunday, April 23, 2006

Guild meeting - Spinning!!!

This month's guild meeting was just up my alley! Trish Andersen from Tanglewood Fiber Creations came and brought lots of roving, handspun, and her spinning wheel. She told us that she was giving each of us a spinning wheel. (be still my heart) I whispered to my tablemates that I hoped she was serious. She gave us paperclips. *lol* I got tired of the paperclip and pulled out my spindle. This is what I spun while there:

Do you see how it is so much more even than what I was doing? I really think it was the roving, to be honest. It just flowed so easily. When I came home and tried to spin with my other roving, it was like trying to spin steel wool. I was more fighting with it than spinning it. It made me want to track Trish down and ask her for more roving! I love the colors it made.

She also generously donated a hank of her own homespun for the shop hop!


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