Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm here, but not here ;)

First, just had to add my medal and gloat a little. I worked hard, even injured, and did it. I'm trying to shove the fact that had I not been injured it would've been waaaay too easy out of my mind :P I thought because I would be learning new things that it would be difficult, but I think I either underestimated myself or completely got the gloves wrong *lol*

If you'd like to see the blogging I'm doing for the Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop, click here. All of the volunteers are working hard to try to make this the biggest knitventure yet! It really is difficult and challenging to put something like this together, so hug your nearest voluteer today!
(If you want to see pictures of my snack foods and painted toenails, go see the Lorna's Laces I was widing around cards lol)


Anonymous Karen said...

Congrats on that big shiny medal! But don't strain your shoulder carrying it around. :-)

7:07 AM  

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