Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Mom is so wonderful!

I realize it has been awhile since I posted. I'm sorry :( My shoulder has been giving me some trouble, I'm working hard on the Shop Hop, and I'm creating a website for my Mother.

She quit smoking, by the way! Please send your congratulatory comments to her via my comments :)

My Mother decided to make some stitch markers with her hand made glass beads for the shop hop, (isn't she wonderful to do this for me?) and you've got to see these to believe them. The big beads are handmade glass, and they feature sterling silver and swarovski crystals. I haven't put the pictures up yet on the shop hop blog, so you're getting a sneak peek here! Since I'm having trouble putting them up with blogger, I'm going to use Hello to put them up, and I can only put one per post in, so please excuse the one picture per post :) Please leave comments about them! My Mom is incredibly humble (in my opinion) and just doesn't see how talented she is. I guess it is just like us with our knitting, we can always see our own mistakes and how much we can improve. Personally, I look at her beads and see incredible you? I will call her and tell her each and every comment you leave, so please leave comments for her!

Maroon and green stitch markers

Mom's stitch markers Posted by Picasa

I think these are my Mom's favorite stitch markers. The camera doesn't do the colors justice really, but the maroon is a very deep color. You can see the trapped bubbles better in this picture. All of the stitch markers feature sterling silver and swarovski crystals. (a couple of them don't have crystals, but they do have sterling silver)They are normally priced at $28, but the shop hop participants will get a 15% discount for $24 a pair. At her gallery, the stitch markers would probably sell for over $40, since the materials alone are worth more than $28.

Blue and green stitch markers

Mom's stitch markers Posted by Picasa

I think the hearts at the bottom are just so adorable. I wish I could've gotten a closer picture of them, but the flash kept doing funny things with these.

Pink flower stitch markers

Mom's stitch markers Posted by Picasa

I really think this pair is so cute. I'm going to have a very hard time letting these go on the shop hop!

Green with create stitch markers

Mom's stitch markers Posted by Picasa

These stitch markers are gorgeous, aren't they? If you look closely, you can see that there is a bubble trapped in the white/clear part. That is on purpose, and takes quite a bit of skill. I personally tried these ones out, and it looks like the ring at the top would catch yarn, but it doesn't.

Picture of the lot of stitch markers

Mom's stitch markers Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of the stitch markers Mom has made so far. I'm not sure is my favorite, I think they're all gorgeous!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm here, but not here ;)

First, just had to add my medal and gloat a little. I worked hard, even injured, and did it. I'm trying to shove the fact that had I not been injured it would've been waaaay too easy out of my mind :P I thought because I would be learning new things that it would be difficult, but I think I either underestimated myself or completely got the gloves wrong *lol*

If you'd like to see the blogging I'm doing for the Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop, click here. All of the volunteers are working hard to try to make this the biggest knitventure yet! It really is difficult and challenging to put something like this together, so hug your nearest voluteer today!
(If you want to see pictures of my snack foods and painted toenails, go see the Lorna's Laces I was widing around cards lol)

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