Monday, February 06, 2006

Practice proves challenging

I decided that I should do a practice project before the knitting olympics. I decided to try the Hooray for me gloves. I understand the concept of double knitting, and I understand the concept of double knitting the fingers. However, there is some break in my ability to do so. First, I frogged the first finger because there was something holding the finger closed (the lifeline DUH) then when I reknit the first finger, I forgot to add the extra cast on stitches. Of course, I remembered the cast on stitches when I was working on the second finger. When I was choosing a project for the knitting olypics I wanted to make sure this would be something I could possibly finish, but something that I would have to push myself to do and to learn something new. The hood over these will be something that I've never done even if I do finish the hooray for me gloves, but I've just gotten so darn upset with this project I feel even more discouraged. *sigh* I guess I'll put the HFM gloves down for a while so I don't psych myself out.


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