Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Knitting Olympics in the Oregonian

Did you happen to see the article in the Oregonian about the Knitting Olympics? If not, you can go HERE and view it online. It will ask you for your zipcode, but they don't make you give your life history to view it. If you want to put in another zipcode than your own, put mine in :) 97132. In any case, it is a great article about how Portlanders are gearing up for the Knitting Olympics. It also has locations where you can go to sit with other Olympians and knit. If you haven't signed up for the Knitting Olympics, I'm afraid you are too late to sign up, but you can knit along! See if you can push youself to do something. This is supposed to be something you can possibly accomplish, but something that pushes you, or something new to learn. Some people are going completely psychotic and doing intricate lace or intricate fair isles, which for me would be enough to get me a brand spanking new white straight jacket. If that is a realistic goal for you, than I applaud you. There are now more Knitting Olympians than there are Sport Olympians! Isn't that amazing? The knitting community never ceases to amaze me. Go team DPN!


Blogger Jenean said...

Wow!!!! That is exciting. All that knitting activity happening up there! My family wanted to move up there a year ago, but the whole job situation prevented us and now my husband is going to wait until he finishes his bachelors degree. We're not sure that's where we're moving yet, though. But, we LOVE the Portland area. Thanks for sharing!!

10:27 AM  

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