Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Isn't spam wonderful?

No, I really mean it! I get a hearty laugh every time I open my inbox and see the rediculous titles on this spam. For instance, some spam I got today:
seat try prexy it
on Killy, it's jog
Nancey, the marsupial
coat coolheaded
Re: so cancel as republican
alkaloid see parameter be chairmen
confederate eisner
you swim on promote
handgun on statuette strickland precinct it's pensacola ! as , acidulous

So, I get pictures in my head of Nancey the Marsupial and statuettes with handguns. HA! Ah, nothing better than cheap entertainment. Then again, I am easily amused. Now on to the knitting content.

This washed out picture is of the sock I'm currently doing. I had a hard time at first with the forethought heel (AKA in place afterthought heel) but now that it is done I'm pretty satisfied with it. I wish I could have gotten a profile picture of it, but ze needles just refused. Maybe at a later time. :)

I named the Ipod. Her name is....

*Drumroll please*


I thought of naming her Merina, since that was probably a better name for a female Ipod, but I decided she just had to be a little different. (Plus it'll be easier for me to remember) I took Karen's advice...partly. *lol* I don't really have a favorite brand of yarn yet, but I do loooooove Merino wool. So, Merino it is! This is the sweater I knitted for her. Just a little something to keep her scratch-free until I knit the real one. I'm going to be knitting Grumperina's Ipod cozy for her eventually.

Well, I rang in the New Year the usual way, toasting Nyquil with my husband. It's a tradition, why break it? We have bronchitis. Every New Year brings bronchitis to this household. Yippee skipee. So, I'mb ob to beb.


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