Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We interupt this knitting blog...

I will be gone for one week starting Thursday. My brother will be graduating his program, and my parents, my brother and I will be going to Leavenworth for a family retreat. I'm bringing my camera to take some pictures, however I am afraid the battery may not last. I am bringing the charger as well, but I just don't get much life out of the battery anymore. I know, I have to replace it, but with one of our cars acting up, I'm afraid to purchase anything that isn't absolutely necessary.

On the knitting front, I've done very little knitting the last week. I'm not sure what I ate, but I've had hives the last few days. Every time I tried to knit, I'd get the urge to scratch and drop a bunch of stitches. It got to be too much. Now I'm packing yarn for the trip and I have no idea which yarns to bring. I just know that the yarns I don't bring I'll end up wishing I had brought them.

Had our guild meeting last Thursday and it was great! Our theme for this year will be "In the garden". That means that we will have to knit something that has to do with a garden. Maybe it will be knee pads or a flowery shawl. My Snapdragon socks qualify, but they will be well worn by the time we bring them in, which will be revealed January 2007.

I've decided to go for the TKGA Masters knitting. Lesson 1 is going to cost $117 That is the $27 or the membership and $90 for the lesson. Ouch. It will be worth it though.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Knitting Olympics

I've decided to take The Yarn Harlot up on her Knitting Olympics challenge. When my Mother and I were in Leavenworth I got this book of old patterns of gloves and mittens. The pattern is difficult to understand, but I've been wanting to try these fingerless mittens with a mitten hood. Hard to explain, but they are basically like a convertable mitten. I've never done mittens before, and will have to learn several new things on this project.

On the snapdragon front, I did finish the second sock, and I am on to my Mother's colorway of the same pattern.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hard time

I see now that I posted that one sock as a FO. D'oh! It was one sock that I had finished, not both of them. Some of you have contacted me privately, and yes, I have been distracted. I got back in town last night. My Mother and I made a trip to take my brother to rehab. It was a very necessary trip, but we had a fun sidetrip as well. We went to Leavenworth, Washington. It is a bavarian village that just has to be seen to be believed. We hit a tail end of a snowstorm, so there was fresh snow on the ground (quite a bit in spots) and it was breathtaking. We stayed for two nights in a beautiful cabin. My mother said the view from our balcony looked like Sweeden. It was quite beautiful. If you have a chance to visit Leavenworth, take it!!

I see I also neglected to thank Kate for sending some spare stash for my project with my Cousin's group home. I'm getting more needles together, and then should be going over when I have enough. Thanks again...it will really help the girls to have something they can make themselves.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Christmas Punishment

This is a picture of my very swollen fingers, but please pay attention to the ring finger. Do you see that little bump? That is my punishment for leaving my knitting to the very end of Christmas. That is a corn from my needles rubbing on my hand. No one ever warned me that if you wait until the last minute, you may end up wearing corn pads on your hands.

Snappy Sockies FO!

These pictures are of the first finished snappy sock! The fit is amazing and the pattern was so much fun. I got a little carried away on the foot and when I tried it on, it was wayyyy over my toes, and I hadn't even gotten to the toe decreases yet. I ripped it back about four inches and did the toe decreases. I really love this pattern. I had never done the forethought heel (AKA in-place afterthought heel) and it was much easier than picking up stitches. Not to mention I love the bullseye that it created on the heel. On to the next sockie!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Isn't spam wonderful?

No, I really mean it! I get a hearty laugh every time I open my inbox and see the rediculous titles on this spam. For instance, some spam I got today:
seat try prexy it
on Killy, it's jog
Nancey, the marsupial
coat coolheaded
Re: so cancel as republican
alkaloid see parameter be chairmen
confederate eisner
you swim on promote
handgun on statuette strickland precinct it's pensacola ! as , acidulous

So, I get pictures in my head of Nancey the Marsupial and statuettes with handguns. HA! Ah, nothing better than cheap entertainment. Then again, I am easily amused. Now on to the knitting content.

This washed out picture is of the sock I'm currently doing. I had a hard time at first with the forethought heel (AKA in place afterthought heel) but now that it is done I'm pretty satisfied with it. I wish I could have gotten a profile picture of it, but ze needles just refused. Maybe at a later time. :)

I named the Ipod. Her name is....

*Drumroll please*


I thought of naming her Merina, since that was probably a better name for a female Ipod, but I decided she just had to be a little different. (Plus it'll be easier for me to remember) I took Karen's advice...partly. *lol* I don't really have a favorite brand of yarn yet, but I do loooooove Merino wool. So, Merino it is! This is the sweater I knitted for her. Just a little something to keep her scratch-free until I knit the real one. I'm going to be knitting Grumperina's Ipod cozy for her eventually.

Well, I rang in the New Year the usual way, toasting Nyquil with my husband. It's a tradition, why break it? We have bronchitis. Every New Year brings bronchitis to this household. Yippee skipee. So, I'mb ob to beb.

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