Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Snow, socks, and sanity

Karen said...
Aaargh! How frustrating! You must get the gold star, or the purple heart, or something, for Kitchenering under such adverse conditions. BTW, when I was out buying poinsettias at the local florist's today, I discovered that they had "The Scent of Christmas" by Aromatique. So I bought some candles and potpourri of it, on your recommendation. MMmmmmm!

It was very frustrating! When I took the yarn to the guild meeting and showed the ladies at my table how easily it broke, there was an audible gasp. I really do love that Smell of Christmas. It really does make my holiday. I usually get it at Meier and Frank, but they always seem to be sold out now. It just isn't Christmas to me without it anymore.

It's snowing! I love snow, but not on my new paint job *grumble grumble*

I finally finished my brother's socks. See how freakishly long the foot is? They had *better* fit! Those poor stockings....I made those stockings for my husband and myself probably 7 or 8 years ago. To me, they look rather ratty, but my husband loves them. The little bears holding the stockings my mother painted in 1991 and handed them down to me last year, I believe. I love them, but they aren't too sturdy...so I've got double stick tape holding them down ;)

Okay, now on to hubby's last *#&^@* sock. I really do love this yarn, and I think it would be great for some things, but not socks. It is going to take a Christmas miracle to get his socks done on time...he's been forewarned.


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