Friday, December 16, 2005

One DH Sock down

DH Sock Posted by Picasa

This is one completed sock in Silky wool....I don't advise knitting socks in this yarn. I was doing the kitchener stitch on this sock and a thought came in to my mind. What happens if the yarn breaks during this? Of course, just at that time, the yarn broke.


Have you ever tried to kitchener with a knot in your yarn? NOT. EASY.


Anonymous Karen said...

Aaargh! How frustrating! You must get the gold star, or the purple heart, or something, for Kitchenering under such adverse conditions.

BTW, when I was out buying poinsettias at the local florist's today, I discovered that they had "The Scent of Christmas" by Aromatique. So I bought some candles and potpourri of it, on your recommendation. MMmmmmm!

6:50 PM  

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