Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hubby's socks and KIP

Hubby's socks Posted by Picasa

I've been working on hubby's silky wool socks since he has waited for so long for a pair of socks. Yes, those are my Two Swans Yarns stitch markers, and I love them!

Okay, I was knitting on these today in the doctor's office while waiting for my brother. I've realized that I really don't like knitting in public. When I'm knitting, I'm in the fiber zone. When someone snaps me out of it to ask me what I'm knitting (for the life of me I can't understand how someone could look at the photo above and still wonder what it is....I'm so tempted to say I'm knitting a sweater) but today was the funniest KIP incident ever. I had a bunch of elderly ladies sit around me to watch me knit. One lady leaned over and asked the other lady (in an attempted whisper) Can you smell that? The other lady said no. The first one said, "Oh good, because I passed gas and I hope it doesn't smell". Well, trying to pretend I didn't hear her admit to it, I could smell what I can only describe as the most disgusting smell ever. I think it must've shown on my face, because that is when she started talking about knitting. It was very awkward...I was relieved when my brother came out.


Anonymous Karen said...

Woohooo -- so glad to see those stitch markers put to such good use!

Isn't it funny how people can see what you're working on, and decide that they know what it is? I was knitting on a sweater once at Starbucks, and a lady and her little boy came in. The little boy pointed at me and asked his mom, What's she doing? The mom looked at me and said, very authoritatively, "That lady is knitting a scarf." I was just about to answer the kid myself, but since his mom seemed to Know It All . . . I just chuckled to myself.

7:56 AM  
Blogger operaknitter said...

Just discovered you blog. Love it. I know exactly what you mean about the "fiber zone". I love to be there as much as possible and am very irritated when someone interrupts. What would we do without yarn? I have the book about how to knit socks on two needles, but am still on dpns. Must learn...

4:10 PM  

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