Sunday, November 06, 2005

FO Cherries Jubilee, AKA Mystery Holiday Gift #1

This was to be Mom's Christmas socks, AKA mystery holiday gift #1, but I thought she could use them now :) I didn't get a pic of the other sock, because I finished it at her house, so I gave them to her then. This was knitpicks sock memories in Flower power, but I renamed it Cherries Jubilee, and Mom calls it Cherry Garcia. They came out great, and are very soft.

I appreciate your comments regarding the knitting police. I don't really care what they think, it is more that I just don't understand it. I had never come together with other knitters before, and it started feeling like everyone was like that, but obviously they aren't. There are one or two that I consider "knitting bullies" where it seems like their intent is to show you how everything you are doing is wrong, and they are hell-bent on showing you how to do it correctly. I've always thought that as long as my knitting stays together, how could it be wrong? I just think it is sad. In any case, I think I'll continue going, but try to stay away from the bullies.


Anonymous Karen said...

I'm sure your Mom is going to looove and appreciate every moment of wearing those socks. They'll keep her feet *and* her heart warm. Much better to give them to her early than to hang onto them for later gift-giving.

About the unsolicited advice that other knitters sometimes foster on you -- I share your puzzlement about where this comes from. As you've observed, there's a fitting project for every kind of yarn. I took a solemn oath about four years ago to never be a yarn snob. This was when I was knitting a cabled sweater out of a bulky (albeit 100% wool) yarn, and another knitter at my local guild meeting said, "Oh, you're knitting with worms!"

Sometimes you just gotta grit your teeth, have confidence in yourself, and let the comments just roll like water off of a duck's back.

7:50 PM  

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