Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Busy? Yep. Spinning? I wish!

Karen said "I'm assuming that you are soooo busy spinning that you don't have a spare second to get to the computer to blog about it. :o)"

Well, yes and no. I'm busy, but not all because of spinning. I've gotten some of the new roving spun, very little, but some. It is very nice to work with, and I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Most of the time I can keep the fiber consistent, but then I start feeling cocky and get huge flubs. :D

I'm getting ready to make Thanksgiving dinner at my Mother's house to feed 20, but probably only 6 will show up. In non-knitting and very frustrating news, hubby and I had a clear bra on our Infiniti G35 a few weeks ago. Once the rain stopped enough for us to look at it, we saw that the job was done horribly at a local detailing shop. Today I took it to ClearBra of Oregon (also had to take the BMW in, but that's beside the point) and they said that they don't like to talk bad about others' work, but this was pretty bad. I knew it was, I just wanted them to show me exactly how it should look. We have one on the BMW that they repaired, and they were professional and friendly. Anywho, I took it back to the detailer place, and asked for my money back. They said okay. The guy asked if he could write me a check since he didn't know how to refund money on the credit card machine. (red flag, RED FLAG) I said yes and took the check to the bank it was drawn on. Of course, it was refused for non-sufficient funds. After I became what he called "unreasonable" he decided to deal with hubby. Hubby said you get me cash, or you go to jail. I guess he decided I wasn't so unreasonable after all. He made a lot of excuses and wanted to let his guy handle it. (the same guy who has 25 years of experience, although clear bras haven't been around that long, and the same guy who completely ruined the job) To add insult to injury, he said "listen baby, my guy is good." Baby?!?!?! He is *SO* lucky I left my pepper spray in the car. So, as far as letting his guy handle it, I told him absolutely not. He then told me that for him to get his money back on the clear bra that is on the car, he needs it back. SO, I made an appointment with ClearBra of Oregon to have it done Friday, and I will be giving the other guy the clear bra back. In a huge wad. :)


Blogger Debi said...

Hunny, if your two cars are an infinity and a beemer YOU need to be adopting ME :)

Of course I'll adopt you silly!

Have happy healthy Thanksgiving!

PS - Pumpkin sends chirrrps and purrs too.

PPS- Write a list, it's fun!

11:32 PM  

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