Monday, October 24, 2005

Yarn from the Beach

Mom and I stopped at a yarn store at the beach and got this yarn for a scarf:

We might have gotten more, but the owner seemed not to want to stay. I asked her if she wound yarn, and she said, "Well I would let you wind it yourself, but I'm closing in three minutes, so you can't." Ooookay then. We saw another room of novelty and sock yarns and wanted to look. Since she started coming over to no doubt tap her foot at us we asked if she was open on Sunday. "I sure am not." As we were ushered out the door she said that she has a business card in our bag and she ships, and then shut and locked the door. Hmm. I will not be buying yarn there again. Would it have been too much trouble to stay until closing time to let me wind the yarn? Well, at least we walked out with this yarn here. I'm halfway surprised she even let us buy it, but if you can see the says $31.50.

In any case, it is an Italian new merino in varying thicknesses. I haven't decided what kind of pattern would showcase the yarn best, maybe a basketweave pattern. Any ideas guys?


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