Sunday, October 16, 2005

WIP updates and Mom's sock FO!

I am working on Mom's Second sock, so far so good:

This is the first Mom's sock, all finished and happy:

And here is the progress on the Lakers Sock:

TKG Meeting on the 20th...I'll be there! Can't wait to see you there Lori :D Now that I have an empty set of DPNs, I'm thinking about the next socks I'll make. Hubby has been waiting for some time for his socks to be finished, so I think they'll be for him. I wonder what kind of pattern I'll use. I think I'll ask him tonight, but I'm sure he'll say that he doesn't really care as long as it fits. Although, I bet if I made him a lacy sock he might not wear it outside the house.


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