Thursday, October 27, 2005

WIP Beach Scarf

This is the beach scarf, folded in half. I've got a good two feet done on it, and Mom hasn't seen it to my knowledge. MOM...if you are reading this...please tell me if you like this, or you want me to go with another stitch pattern. Personally, I think it is perfect, but it is your scarf and I want you to be happy with it. This is really fun to make! The yarn is sooo soft. It really is lovely. I halfway want to frog it once I'm done, just so I can knit it again :)

I am going to have a tooth extracted I guess it is early am here, so later today then. Don't know how much I'll feel like knitting, but I sure will be knitting while I wait for the dentist. Although, I don't want my yarn to get that dentisty smell to it either.


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