Tuesday, October 04, 2005

TKGSH Sample Yarns 1

Sample yarns 1 Posted by Picasa

I'm not a yarn critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought you might like to know what an average knitter thought of these yarns. I surely don't get a chance to knit with these yarns every day, so this should be a fun adventure for me!

Clockwise from top left:

RYC Cashsoft DK (57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Microfiber, 10% Cashmere) - This yarn is so incredibly soft. This is one of my favorites so far. It is what I imagine yarn would feel like in heaven. It is great for those who love the softness of novelty yarns, but the stitch definition of acrylic or wool. I have a feeling some of this yarn will make it's way home with me.

Rowan Baby Soft (50% Wool, 30% Polyester, 20% Cotton) - This is another one of my favorites. It has a fuzziness that the Cashsoft doesn't, so it blurs the fabric somewhat. It is very soft. Here again, this would be a great yarn for someone that likes the softness of novelty, but is looking for more stitch definition. This would give your finished product a "halo" effect though, which is very much desired in knitting for babies.

Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool (65% Wool, 35% Silk) - Out of the six yarns I am reviewing on this post, this one is my very favorite. It has the look of suede, and I would have never guessed this was wool. Interesting texture, and very soft. I WILL be bringing some of this home with me. I can only imagine (and drool) about socks with this yarn. If you see this yarn, buy it. You really have to try how great this feels, and it is very interesting to knit with.

Artful Yarns Heavenly (45% Mohair, 35% Nylon, 15% Acrylic, 5% Metallic) - This one isn't really my cup of tea. It is interesting, that much is for sure, but you certainly can't make any mistakes with this yarn. I was trying to eek one more row before binding off, and found I just couldn't do it, so I ripped back one row. It was difficult. If you like interesting texture mixed with metallic, go for it! I can say that it was a very interesting experience, and I might like the metallic and the mohair separately better than them together.

Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora (80% Cotton, 20% Angora) - This yarn was soft and has great stitch definition. I imagine it making a wonderful summer tank top. The Angora lends a luxurious softness to the cotton that is incredible.

Debbie Bliss Cathay (50% Cotton, 35% Viscose Microfiber, 15% Silk) - This yarn was very soft, incredible stitch definition, and a metallic-looking sheen to it that is very interesting. The only downfall was that it tended to split on me often. Other than that, it was wonderful. I imagine this as a classy summer tee for the office.


Blogger Marina said...

Oh no-o. I didn't need to know that Cashsoft was Heaven, especially since I'm on a yarn diet!

3:50 AM  

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