Friday, October 07, 2005

Sockiness and other good things

I took my Mom's socks over to her today to see if they fit. They barely went over her heel. I figured they wouldn't, but I thought I should try it anyway, since she wants snug fitting socks. Good news is that it is only the cast on that is the problem, the rest of the sock fits fine. She felt badly that I had worked up to the gussets and have to redo it, but I told her that I hadn't picked up the stitches yet, so all it's all good. If I've had had to wrestle with the gussets, then she might have to tough it out :P (J/K Mom) On the experiment sock front, I decided to frog that too, and go for a smaller needle size. We'll see if it helps much. I also went with a twisted German cast on as opposed to long tail to see if that helps. I'm not really working on anything other than socks right now. It seems to be my current obsession, which is fine with my feetses :)


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