Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mystery Christmas Presents Time!

It's that time again folks! Because some people that I do Christmas presents for read this blog, I may mention Mystery Holiday Gifts from time to time. I've secretly been working on Mystery Holiday Gift #1 for a while. I want to put a picture of it up so badly! But.....It will have to wait. Though, I must say, it is the cleanest and most professional looking project I've ever done.

Hubby wants toeless socks. (toeless socks?!?!?) I guess it will make things easier though. I've got to think of that one for a bit.

I've halted Mom's beach scarf for a while, until I can show her what it looks like. I tried to explain it to her over the phone, and it sounded like she may prefer something else. (she hasn't seen the pics yet) Like I told her, it is her scarf, and I want her to be happy with it. I really don't mind knitting it again, I LOVE the feel of this yarn. I want to make the scarf that is just perfect for her.

A note to fluffy knitter Deb: I hope things are going well, and I am thinking of you. (for those of you who don't know, her place was hit by hurricaine Wilma)


Blogger Agnes said...

I am really interested in knowing what "toeless socks" are!

1:15 AM  

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