Friday, October 21, 2005

Leigh Radford at the TKG

Leigh Radford brougt along her creations to our meeting of the TKG and gave a presentation to our guild. It really was a treat! We were able to touch her creations, and it was really amazing seeing all of the beautiful and unique things she has come up with. As you know, she is a local designer, author, and art director of Interweave Knits. I bought her book Alterknits, and she signed it for me.

She will be coming out with a new book called One Skein soon, and I can't wait! I love one skein creations, and with her, it has to be something new and exciting.

I had heard that she was a very approachable down-to-earth kind of gal, and it really is true. She was nice enough to unpack her books for me when I caught her to buy a book after she was all packed. (I was gabbing too much, I suppose) So, thank you Leigh for coming to our guild and allowing us to pick your brain and see all of your incredible creations.

Mom and I are going to the coast this weekend to go to the glass art festival at the Chinook winds casino. My mother is a glass artist (as well as a metal artist, painter, crocheter, floral designer, seamstress, jewelry designer, and all around super crafter and mother) and we plan on having a blast. I don't know how much knitting I'll get done, but I guess I could take a break for a couple of days. Maybe. Oh who am I kidding? I'd knit with my toes if I could.


Anonymous Karen said...

Oooh, I'm jealous -- I bet Leigh Radford was a real treat as a speaker! Inspirational, yes? (I will have to suggest her to our program chairs at SKG.)

And to have a weekend to spend surrounding yourself with creative objects and in the company of a creative person sounds like the ultimate in renewal. Enjoy your time with Mom & Art!!!

9:00 PM  

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