Thursday, October 20, 2005

FO Lakers Socks

Lakers socks are done! The second sock went well and very fast. One of our cars wouldn't start, so after riding in the tow truck from hell (now, what are those red and white octagonal thingies again?) I knitted while I sat and waited for the damage at the car dealership. I measure everything in terms of yarn and supplies now, and I'm pretty sure I could have an entire set of Addi Turbos for the price of fixing our car. Well, in the long run it could save us money, since this is our only car that gets decent gas mileage. C'est la vie.

Have you ever been knitting while stewing over some infuriating thoughts before? I realized that I was upset when I had to frog Mom's sock -yet again- because I was knitting so tightly for so many rows and didn't even realize it. Mom, I'm really not ignoring your sock, it is just bearing the brunt of anger knitting. Funny thing is, the knitting calms me down, so there are two inches of reallllllly tight knitting, and then two inches of loose knitting. Then I get a phone call, and two inches of tight knitting are back. SO...I think I'll pick up a dishcloth project when I'm upset. If I knit the dishcloth too tightly, I'll call it a scrubbie and all is well.


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