Thursday, October 13, 2005

Designing Diabetic Sockies

I have secretly been working on my own sock patterns, taking my experiences and using them to make a sock pattern for diabetic feet. I have two patterns almost finished, and they will be available on my blog once they are finished. This came around because I couldn't find many patterns for diabetic socks, which I think is important. Diabetic feet need lots of care, and that includes wearing socks that fit them perfectly. Being diabetic is the biggest reason I got in to socknitting, and I think it can help many people. There will be a few patterns for the beginning socknitter, and a few that are more advanced. If you are diabetic (or if you have problems wearing commercial socks) and would like to contribute, please measure your feet and leave the measurements in the comments. You would measure around the ankle, around the mid-calf, around the ball of the foot, Length of your foot, and from the back of your mid-calf down to your heel. I'd appreciate that very much!


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