Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can you say tangles?

Lovely mess of silky wool Posted by Picasa

I got a new ball winder from Mom for my birthday (also the 2006 knitting pattern a day calendar, which is really great, thanks Mom!) I had hubby holding the hank of silky wool, thinking he knew what to do with it. Well, the tension was getting very tight as I wound, and I looked over at him, and the hank was sitting in his lap in an impossible tangled-mangled mess. It took me 6 hours of silent cursing to get it wound.

I just picked up the gussets on Mom's socks, and did the heel turn for the Laker's socks. Mom informed me I'm not to start any more projects until her socks are finished. BUT...we walked into the LYS and now she has her eye on a rainbow ribbon shawl. I am still collecting yarns for her many, many, many different yarns mitred square poncho too. She got three balls of baby alpaca to add to the yarn collected bag for it. It is a great looking pattern, but you need so many different types of yarn, and it will be the biggest knitting challenge undertaken by me, but it should be the most gorgeous poncho ever. Knock on wool.

Anonymous asked:
I think I am looking at a Tigard, OREGON store called "Lint." Am I right? I live in Canada but grew up in Portland. My family still live there. I will have to check it out, if I have the state right?

Yes. Lint was one of the places we went on the shop hop, and that is the store in the pictures that I have further down in the blog. They are tehcnically in Portland, but it is very close to Tigard. It is a wonderful shop! It is very hip and edgy for a LYS in my opinion. I really loved the way they had things arranged. Even the way they stacked yarn seemed artful to me, and I really loved their use of color throughout the store.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Karen! Yeah, I do like acrylic for certain things, but there is something so satisfying knitting with natural fibers. I opted for non-yarn purchases, other than the Alpaca for Mom's poncho that I'm still gathering yarn for.


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