Monday, October 24, 2005

Back from the Beach!

I had a wonderful time at the beach, and the glass festival was great. I finished Mom's socks on the trip, and she seems very happy with them. We went to a glass shop where you can blow your own glass float. The people there assist you quite a bit, but being a novice I was happy that he did.

No, my couch isn't green, just seems that way in the picture :) That glass blob you see is a closed hook for me to hang it up. I haven't decided what to do with it yet, or if I even want to hang it up, but I'm also afraid of it rolling off of wherever I place it. If you ever get a chance to do this, try it! It looks a little intimidating when you are watching it being done, but I felt completely at ease and knew that the staff would help if I got in a bind. My Mother made a paperweight, but it hadn't cooled down in time for us to take it home, so it will be shipped.

We had two days of perfect weather, but Sunday it was very yucky out. I was sad to have to come home, but I am glad to see my stash again :)

I frogged hubby's socks and started it again in a twisted rib pattern. Hopefully this will make it stretchier.


Anonymous Karen said...

Ah! Very pretty! Sounds like a lot of fun to make your own float. Glad you had a good time (even if the yarn buying experience was bizarre).

7:50 AM  

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