Sunday, October 30, 2005

I guess I just can't commit to anything...

You Are Somewhat Machiavellian

You're not going to mow over everyone to get ahead...
But you're also powerful enough to make things happen for yourself.
You understand how the world works, even when it's an ugly place.
You just don't get ugly yourself - unless you have to!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mystery Christmas Presents Time!

It's that time again folks! Because some people that I do Christmas presents for read this blog, I may mention Mystery Holiday Gifts from time to time. I've secretly been working on Mystery Holiday Gift #1 for a while. I want to put a picture of it up so badly! But.....It will have to wait. Though, I must say, it is the cleanest and most professional looking project I've ever done.

Hubby wants toeless socks. (toeless socks?!?!?) I guess it will make things easier though. I've got to think of that one for a bit.

I've halted Mom's beach scarf for a while, until I can show her what it looks like. I tried to explain it to her over the phone, and it sounded like she may prefer something else. (she hasn't seen the pics yet) Like I told her, it is her scarf, and I want her to be happy with it. I really don't mind knitting it again, I LOVE the feel of this yarn. I want to make the scarf that is just perfect for her.

A note to fluffy knitter Deb: I hope things are going well, and I am thinking of you. (for those of you who don't know, her place was hit by hurricaine Wilma)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

WIP Beach Scarf

This is the beach scarf, folded in half. I've got a good two feet done on it, and Mom hasn't seen it to my knowledge. MOM...if you are reading this...please tell me if you like this, or you want me to go with another stitch pattern. Personally, I think it is perfect, but it is your scarf and I want you to be happy with it. This is really fun to make! The yarn is sooo soft. It really is lovely. I halfway want to frog it once I'm done, just so I can knit it again :)

I am going to have a tooth extracted I guess it is early am here, so later today then. Don't know how much I'll feel like knitting, but I sure will be knitting while I wait for the dentist. Although, I don't want my yarn to get that dentisty smell to it either.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Start of Beach Scarf

This is the start of the basketweave on Mom's beach scarf. I think she'll like this pattern, I sure do. I think this is the best way to showcase the colors in this scarf.

It is a free pattern from Interweave's staff picks, and it is a fun pattern to do, especially with this yarn. It is so soft and wonderful to knit with. I really love the colors and the interesting texture. It is new merino wool, but it is in varying thicknesses throughout. Looooooovely!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Yarn from the Beach

Mom and I stopped at a yarn store at the beach and got this yarn for a scarf:

We might have gotten more, but the owner seemed not to want to stay. I asked her if she wound yarn, and she said, "Well I would let you wind it yourself, but I'm closing in three minutes, so you can't." Ooookay then. We saw another room of novelty and sock yarns and wanted to look. Since she started coming over to no doubt tap her foot at us we asked if she was open on Sunday. "I sure am not." As we were ushered out the door she said that she has a business card in our bag and she ships, and then shut and locked the door. Hmm. I will not be buying yarn there again. Would it have been too much trouble to stay until closing time to let me wind the yarn? Well, at least we walked out with this yarn here. I'm halfway surprised she even let us buy it, but if you can see the says $31.50.

In any case, it is an Italian new merino in varying thicknesses. I haven't decided what kind of pattern would showcase the yarn best, maybe a basketweave pattern. Any ideas guys?

Back from the Beach!

I had a wonderful time at the beach, and the glass festival was great. I finished Mom's socks on the trip, and she seems very happy with them. We went to a glass shop where you can blow your own glass float. The people there assist you quite a bit, but being a novice I was happy that he did.

No, my couch isn't green, just seems that way in the picture :) That glass blob you see is a closed hook for me to hang it up. I haven't decided what to do with it yet, or if I even want to hang it up, but I'm also afraid of it rolling off of wherever I place it. If you ever get a chance to do this, try it! It looks a little intimidating when you are watching it being done, but I felt completely at ease and knew that the staff would help if I got in a bind. My Mother made a paperweight, but it hadn't cooled down in time for us to take it home, so it will be shipped.

We had two days of perfect weather, but Sunday it was very yucky out. I was sad to have to come home, but I am glad to see my stash again :)

I frogged hubby's socks and started it again in a twisted rib pattern. Hopefully this will make it stretchier.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Leigh Radford at the TKG

Leigh Radford brougt along her creations to our meeting of the TKG and gave a presentation to our guild. It really was a treat! We were able to touch her creations, and it was really amazing seeing all of the beautiful and unique things she has come up with. As you know, she is a local designer, author, and art director of Interweave Knits. I bought her book Alterknits, and she signed it for me.

She will be coming out with a new book called One Skein soon, and I can't wait! I love one skein creations, and with her, it has to be something new and exciting.

I had heard that she was a very approachable down-to-earth kind of gal, and it really is true. She was nice enough to unpack her books for me when I caught her to buy a book after she was all packed. (I was gabbing too much, I suppose) So, thank you Leigh for coming to our guild and allowing us to pick your brain and see all of your incredible creations.

Mom and I are going to the coast this weekend to go to the glass art festival at the Chinook winds casino. My mother is a glass artist (as well as a metal artist, painter, crocheter, floral designer, seamstress, jewelry designer, and all around super crafter and mother) and we plan on having a blast. I don't know how much knitting I'll get done, but I guess I could take a break for a couple of days. Maybe. Oh who am I kidding? I'd knit with my toes if I could.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

FO Lakers Socks

Lakers socks are done! The second sock went well and very fast. One of our cars wouldn't start, so after riding in the tow truck from hell (now, what are those red and white octagonal thingies again?) I knitted while I sat and waited for the damage at the car dealership. I measure everything in terms of yarn and supplies now, and I'm pretty sure I could have an entire set of Addi Turbos for the price of fixing our car. Well, in the long run it could save us money, since this is our only car that gets decent gas mileage. C'est la vie.

Have you ever been knitting while stewing over some infuriating thoughts before? I realized that I was upset when I had to frog Mom's sock -yet again- because I was knitting so tightly for so many rows and didn't even realize it. Mom, I'm really not ignoring your sock, it is just bearing the brunt of anger knitting. Funny thing is, the knitting calms me down, so there are two inches of reallllllly tight knitting, and then two inches of loose knitting. Then I get a phone call, and two inches of tight knitting are back. SO...I think I'll pick up a dishcloth project when I'm upset. If I knit the dishcloth too tightly, I'll call it a scrubbie and all is well.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The socks are heel n heel

I am currently running a contest to see which sock will finish first, Mom's Second sock, or the Lakers Second sock. So far, Mom's sock is in the lead, but I can see the Lakers sock is planning something sinister to trip Mom's sock up. So, I'm keeping them separated so that there isn't any foul play.

In the meantime, I did another blogthings quiz:

Your Birthdate: October 11

Your birth on the 11th day of the month makes you something of a dreamer and an idealist.
You work well with people because you know how to use persuasion rather than force.
There is a strong spiritual side to your nature, and you may have intuitive qualities inherent in your make up, too.

You are very aware and sensitive, though often temperamental.
Although you have a good mind and you are very analytical, you may not be comfortable in the business world.
You are definitely creative and this influence tends to make you more of a dreamer than a doer.

And...I saw this on Knitty. I think this is a very important thing. At first I wondered why someone would knit a breast. But, if you read the article with it, it can actually be used as a prosthetic. I wonder if I knitted some of these and gave them to a breast cancer center they'd use them. I certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone, but perhaps they'd see that I am only wanting to support their recovery. Hmm. I'll have to think about it some more. What do you guys think?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

So what DOES Heather need?

I saw this on Wendy's blog, and I just had to try it. Go to Google, and type "your name needs" and see what you get. I realized I could win a contest with the distance that I got when I tried to drink water while reading this.

1. Heather needs men....NOW!
My husband really loved that one. (but I don't think he disagreed either)
2. Heather needs a rest.
From socks?!?!? No way.
3. Heather needs a childhood.
Heather is currently living her childhood :)
4. Heather needs two therapists.
...and I'd probably convince both of them to change career paths.
5. Little Heather needs to be congratulated for defending herself from unkindness and overly high expectations when she was a child.
There isn't a thing about me that is little, but.....okay.
6. Heather needs a family that will commit to her one hundred percent.
Who needs a family to commit 35%?
7. Heather needs an environment that allows her to follow her own instincts and ambitions rather than a formal and structured classroom atmosphere.
This was just spooky. I wish my school teachers had google back then.
8. Heather needs a cape to tire her bull and prepare it for the kill.
Shh...don't tell my apartment manager that I have a bull hiding in the closet.
9. Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere.
...because she's starting to look like she belongs in an issue of National Geographic.
10. I know that might annoy some conservatives, but Heather needs at least two mommies.
It may annoy conservatives, but my Mother is howling with laugter right now.

Lakers Sock Done

Lakers Sock No 1 Done Posted by Picasa

I was on a finishing streak, so I decided to finish the Lakers sock while I was at it. All in all, I'm rather happy with it. Though, I had forgotten to change the last 10 stitches direction and first did the kitchener stitch in the wrong direction. I had to rip it out and rearrange the stitches. It's a learning experience I guess. This sock fits me pretty well! I think I need to start using scrap yarn as stitch markers, I can see where they were in the knitting. I guess it may have something to do with the fact that I am a very tight knitter. In any case, I'm done with this one, on to the next. Then I'll try hubby's silky wool socks in the 2 socs 2 circs method.

WIP updates and Mom's sock FO!

I am working on Mom's Second sock, so far so good:

This is the first Mom's sock, all finished and happy:

And here is the progress on the Lakers Sock:

TKG Meeting on the 20th...I'll be there! Can't wait to see you there Lori :D Now that I have an empty set of DPNs, I'm thinking about the next socks I'll make. Hubby has been waiting for some time for his socks to be finished, so I think they'll be for him. I wonder what kind of pattern I'll use. I think I'll ask him tonight, but I'm sure he'll say that he doesn't really care as long as it fits. Although, I bet if I made him a lacy sock he might not wear it outside the house.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Lakers Progress

Lakers progress Posted by Picasa

I worked on it somewhat last night, and am done with the gusset decreases. I know it looks a little funny with the heel stretched out, but I had just tried it on before taking the picture. I'd like your guys' opinion. Do you see a "W" anywhere in the sock? I'm thinking it is W for WIN! Meaning I'll finish the sock with no problems. Or, it could be that the sock read my blog, and agrees that I'm weird. Who knows :P

Michelle Lim said...
Hey Heather,I just clicked through from Karen's Twoswans site and saw the cool samples you knit up. Glad to see that you're using them!Close Knit made sure to mention to me that the Regal Art Silk has yardage - I think 163 yards ? So, for the price tag, it's not a bad price. Most silk skeins only have about 80 yds or so. so, this is a deal! and handpainted too.of course, the debt is softened by the 15% discount coupon they've extended to us.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I didn't look at the yardage. It sure was beautiful to knit with, that much is for sure! Thanks again for organizing the shop hop. It was the perfect day, and a bit of a vacation for me. I really want to express to you that things have been tough in my life lately, and this really did give me the break I needed. I'm sure you know that you (and your other volunteers...can't forget them!) gave a lot of knitters a joyous day, but I wanted to express that you also helped in other ways. If you have another planned, let me know, I'd be glad to help!

A little flustered with the circs

I think I'm not going to be looking in the circs book anymore. It is just confusing me. First, the amount of stitches it says to pick up were nowhere near what I really needed to pick up. I don't quite understand why I can't just separate the instep from the gusset/heel for easy decreasing. I'm trying to do it somewhat like the book says, but for some reason the way this book is worded is just not clicking with me. So...I'm improvising. I had the same problems on DPNs when I first started those as well, so I'm not too concerned. Anything new is bound to be difficult I guess.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Designing Diabetic Sockies

I have secretly been working on my own sock patterns, taking my experiences and using them to make a sock pattern for diabetic feet. I have two patterns almost finished, and they will be available on my blog once they are finished. This came around because I couldn't find many patterns for diabetic socks, which I think is important. Diabetic feet need lots of care, and that includes wearing socks that fit them perfectly. Being diabetic is the biggest reason I got in to socknitting, and I think it can help many people. There will be a few patterns for the beginning socknitter, and a few that are more advanced. If you are diabetic (or if you have problems wearing commercial socks) and would like to contribute, please measure your feet and leave the measurements in the comments. You would measure around the ankle, around the mid-calf, around the ball of the foot, Length of your foot, and from the back of your mid-calf down to your heel. I'd appreciate that very much!

Lakers sock progress

Lakers Sock Posted by Picasa

So far, I am seeing the benefits of socks on 2 circs. Although, there were a couple of times that I had an empty needle, which was a bit scary, but not quite as scary as having an empty DPN, since I still had the stitches on a needle, just not the right one. I'm a bit confused on the gusset pick-ups, mainly because of the pattern I am using. It has me knitting the last stitch on the purl row of the heel flap, and it just isn't the same elongated stitch. I'll figure it out soon, I'm sure.

Mom's Sock at the gusset

Mom's Sock Posted by Picasa

Here ya go Mom....I'm at the gusset decreases. This is a testament to how much I love you, because I HATE gussets. I wish socks were gusset-less. But, in this picture, I'm past the pick ups, which is the hardest part of a sock for me. is coming along.

Cannibalistic consumption?

Anyone else find this just sick and wrong? (I loooove these to more knitting content)

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Happy Go Lucky Cannibal.

Where You Lived: Argentina.

How You Died: Consumption.

Guess the Panda was right

Your IQ Is 125

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Above Average
I guess the previous quiz was right...I'm not a logical person. But....this test is obviously flawed. I'm anything but a genius when it comes to Math.

Can you say tangles?

Lovely mess of silky wool Posted by Picasa

I got a new ball winder from Mom for my birthday (also the 2006 knitting pattern a day calendar, which is really great, thanks Mom!) I had hubby holding the hank of silky wool, thinking he knew what to do with it. Well, the tension was getting very tight as I wound, and I looked over at him, and the hank was sitting in his lap in an impossible tangled-mangled mess. It took me 6 hours of silent cursing to get it wound.

I just picked up the gussets on Mom's socks, and did the heel turn for the Laker's socks. Mom informed me I'm not to start any more projects until her socks are finished. BUT...we walked into the LYS and now she has her eye on a rainbow ribbon shawl. I am still collecting yarns for her many, many, many different yarns mitred square poncho too. She got three balls of baby alpaca to add to the yarn collected bag for it. It is a great looking pattern, but you need so many different types of yarn, and it will be the biggest knitting challenge undertaken by me, but it should be the most gorgeous poncho ever. Knock on wool.

Anonymous asked:
I think I am looking at a Tigard, OREGON store called "Lint." Am I right? I live in Canada but grew up in Portland. My family still live there. I will have to check it out, if I have the state right?

Yes. Lint was one of the places we went on the shop hop, and that is the store in the pictures that I have further down in the blog. They are tehcnically in Portland, but it is very close to Tigard. It is a wonderful shop! It is very hip and edgy for a LYS in my opinion. I really loved the way they had things arranged. Even the way they stacked yarn seemed artful to me, and I really loved their use of color throughout the store.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Karen! Yeah, I do like acrylic for certain things, but there is something so satisfying knitting with natural fibers. I opted for non-yarn purchases, other than the Alpaca for Mom's poncho that I'm still gathering yarn for.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Moi, weird? Yeah, probably.

Wendy had this on her blog, so I thought I'd share my results as well. Yeah, I guess I am a little on the weird side....but is that such a bad thing? Okay, so I'll have orange hair. I guess I'll be in season, anyway! All that aside, I want the cool microphone thing too.

Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices. sum it up, another quiz result, which is a little more in depth:

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Deer

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Panda

You are a fun-seeker - an adventurous, risk-taker.
While you are spontaneous, you are not very rational.
So....I'm a weird, orange panda bear that is deep, risk taking, expressive, and not rational. Yep. That's pretty accurate.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 27th birthday. The perfect reason to buy more yarn! I woke up this morning and hubby had a card and two bags of candy corn on my laptop. Awww! I think we will be going to dinner tonight as well. Mom wants me to go over to see her so that we can go get some yarn. She really knows the way to a knitter's heart! Last night she was asking me what kind of yarns I wanted. Funny thing is, I'm not picky at all. I can find something to do with any yarn. I've been experimenting with interesting fibers lately, but I don't snub acrylic at all! I firmly believe that acrylic has an important role in my stash. It is soft, washable, and very durable. Not to mention cheaper! Nope, I'm not really a yarn snob. Though, I do someday want to sit in a mound of alpaca skeins and dream of a lovely wrap that I could knit. Teehee!

Monday, October 10, 2005

First 2 circs sock

First 2 circs sock Posted by Picasa

This is actually yellow and purple, not yellow and blue, but I just couldn't get it to show up as purple for me. This is the Blue Moon Yarn and it is just wonderful to knit with. I am learning how to do a sock on 2 circular needles, and I'm struggling with it. I imagine this is exactly how I struggled with the DPNs and will just take time to get used to. Eventually I want to do 2 socks on 2 circs, but I figured I'd start with one first ;)

Thanks for the comments from my TKG pals Karen and Shelley, I appreciate your support! Karen: I knitted up all of the samples, even the ones in the registration packet, and those are further back in my blog if you'd like to see what I thought of those too.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sample yarns 3 from TKGSH

Sample yarns 3 Posted by Picasa

These sample yarns were included in our bags on the day of the shop hop. I knitted them up, and once again will tell you what I think of them. I'm not a yarn critic, just letting you know my feelings as I knit them. By row, left to right:

Artful Yarns Regal (100% Silk) - This yarn was impressive. It was silky soft luxuriousness...I wish I had more of it to knit. It looks stunning, but so is the price tag.
EDIT: I've been shown that this yarn has about twice the amount of yarn as most silks do, and I didn't see that previously. So, for twice the yarn at the same price, this is actually an INCREDIBLE deal. I think I'll go get some now!

Art Yarns Supermerino (100% Hand Painted Merino Wool) - This had great stitch definition, but didn't really stand out.

Louisa Harding Impression ( 84% Nylon, 16% Mohair) - This was inspiring and gorgeous! Fuzzy with iridescent notes that really makes it unique.

Jo Sharp Silkroad (85% Wool, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere) - This yarn was very interesting. It had a slight nubbly texture to it, but still very soft.

Karabella Yarns Aurora 8 (100% Extra refined Merino Wool) - This yarn was soft and luxurious with excellent stitch definition. Something this beautiful shouldn't be this soft....but it is!

GGH Soft Kid (70% Super Kid Mohair, 25% Nylon, 5% Wool) - This was fuzzy and lofty. Knitted up it looks so delicate and feminine. I see this in a gorgeous wrap or as a beautiful scarf.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock (100% Superwash Merino lightweight) - This local company has made some incredible yarns. I picked some of this up for myself on our shop hop adventure. This is such a plesant knit and they have the most beautiful colorways. Very inventive and inspiring.

Lang Yarn Pearl (42% Kid Mohair, 54% Acrylic, 4% Polyester) - This was so much fun to knit! It is soft but also iridescent. I would love a great shawl made from this. Also, machine washable!

Louet Sales Euroflax (100% Linen) - This was everything I expected it to be. It was a bit like knitting with twine, as it was very stiff. It split on me a few times, but this is pretty much like most linens I've knit with.

Nashua Handknits Creative Focus (75% Wool, 25% Alpaca) - I could feel the warmth on my hands as I knit with this fuzzy and fun yarn. It has great stitch definition and is very beautiful.

Louet Gems Opal (100% Pure Merino Wool) - This yarn was not my favorite. It is soft like I expect any Merino to be, but it was smelly. You all know how much I abhor smelly yarns. It was a "natural" smell, but not what I like to smell on my hands.

Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon (90% Nylon, 10% Metallic) - This split pretty easily, but it was so much fun to knit with! I think this would be great for embellishments.

Silky Wool from All About Yarn

Silky Wool Posted by Picasa

I went back to All About Yarn today and got two skeins of the silky wool that I wanted. I talked for a while with one of the staff members, who wished she'd have gone with us on the shop hop. I tried estimating how many of us went, thinking maybe 25-30, and she said she heard it was 35. Wow! There were a lot of people, but it didn't seem like that many. This is the closest yarn shop to me that we visited yesterday, so I think I'll make this one my regular one. There was another knitter there, getting help with her pattern from the staff member. It seems like a great place to knit. I would like to go back to Knit Purl more often, but it looks like parking would be a problem. It was a wonderfully laid out shop, and I loved the selection and layout of the yarns.

I ended up having to frog both Mom's and Don's socks yesterday. Everyone was knitting on the bus, and while I was knitting, I was watching others knit as well. I looked down at my sock, and it appears I was doing their patterns in my socks! I tried correcting them, but it became such a tangled mess of yarn that I just frogged them both.

I hope that the TKG does this again. This really was a great experience, and a chance for me to meet other LYS' staff members and to see the new and different yarns out there. Thanks so much Michelle and the other volunteers who put this on. It really was a great time.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Look at the yarns I got!

These are the yarns I got during the shop hop. From left to right, by row:

Regia - 75% New Wool, 25% Polyamide
Regia - 75% New Wool, 25% Polyamide
Knit Picks Sock Memories - 100% Merino
Knit Picks Sock Memories - 100% Merino
Lana Grossa - 100% extrafine Merino
Sari Silk
Blue Moon socks that rock - 100% hand painted superwash Merino
Blue Moon socks that rock - 100% hand painted superwash Merino
Scheepjes Invicta extra - 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Polyamide
Scheepjes Invicta extra - 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Polyamide

I also got various notions, including some Addi turbos to do the 2 socks on 2 circs.

Interesting things in Lint

These were some lights that had knitted things around them...they were very interesting. (sorry it is out of focus, the camera battery was dying, so I had to take it quick)

These are knitted crowns. I really enjoyed how this store optimized use of color and was really inventive with designs.
One of the many shelves of yarn. I was impressed by how great it looked.

Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop

It was a blast!!! I met some incredible people, sniffed some amazing yarns (someone had seen my sniffing post on Knitter's review forums lol) and just had a great time. This is us outside of Lint, all filing into the store. I'm sure the staff felt overhwelmed, but they were calm and courteous the entire time.
This is the sitting/knitting area inside Lint. It was cozy, warm, and inviting.

Friday, October 07, 2005

TKG Shop hop tomorrow!

I'm so excited...tomorrow is the Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop!! I'm bringing my camera (I hope it will work for me, the battery seems to be losing it's juice faster and faster these days) We will be riding a bus all over the Portland metro area going to all the shops in the area. It promises to be an exciting day!

Sockiness and other good things

I took my Mom's socks over to her today to see if they fit. They barely went over her heel. I figured they wouldn't, but I thought I should try it anyway, since she wants snug fitting socks. Good news is that it is only the cast on that is the problem, the rest of the sock fits fine. She felt badly that I had worked up to the gussets and have to redo it, but I told her that I hadn't picked up the stitches yet, so all it's all good. If I've had had to wrestle with the gussets, then she might have to tough it out :P (J/K Mom) On the experiment sock front, I decided to frog that too, and go for a smaller needle size. We'll see if it helps much. I also went with a twisted German cast on as opposed to long tail to see if that helps. I'm not really working on anything other than socks right now. It seems to be my current obsession, which is fine with my feetses :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Experiment socks

Experiment sock Posted by Picasa

This will be my first sock with a lacy look to it. It is looking too big, so I'll have to decide whether or not I'll go smaller very soon.

Edit: This is such a beautiful pattern, but it really is too big. I just frogged the whole thing, and will be figuring out how to keep the stitch pattern with a smaller amount of stitches.

Mom's Sock

Mom's Sock Posted by Picasa

It has been put on some scrap yarn until I can do a fitting with Mom. It doesn't fit over my feet, so I think it would be prudent to see if it fits hers.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Swatched the Pendleton wool

Pendleton wool swatch Posted by Picasa

I swatched the Pendleton wool to see what it would look like just slightly fulled, and it turned out so soft and beautiful. I don't really know what I will do with it yet. I haven't decided if I want to try socks with this, fulled slippers, or a purse first. I just have so many ideas, so few hands.

TKGSH Sample yarns part 2

Sample yarns 2 Posted by Picasa

These are the rest of the sample yarns that I knit up. Again, I'm in no way a yarn critic, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the samples I was sent for the upcoming Shop Hop put on by the Tigard Knitting Guild.

By row, left to right:

South West Trading Company Karaoke (50% Soy Silk, 50% Merino Wool) - This beautiful yarn was really vibrant and soft. (I know I've said soft a lot, but the yarns they chose for the most part are very soft) This yarn was chunky and a joy to knit. I could see this as perfect sweater yarn.

Noro Silk Garden (45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair, 10% Lamb's Wool) - This yarn was a pleasure to knit with. I can see myself knitting by a fire with this. It is soft and fuzzy, like a warm hug.

Araucania Patagonia Cotton (100% Cotton) - This was so much fun to knit with. The yarn was different thicknesses, so it made the swatch almost exciting to knit since you didn't know how it would look afterwards. It is soft and very interesting. I'd love to play with this yarn more.

Bouton d'Or Ksar (50% Camel Hair, 50% Wool) - This yarn was soft, unique, and surprisingly elastic. I could see this knitted into a prayer shawl, as I could see this being something warm and snuggly.

Frog Tree Alpaca (100% Alpaca Wool) - This yarn is soft, fuzzy, beautiful, and has a very luxurious feel to it. I felt like I was knitting with something very fluid. It flowed through my fingers and was just incredible. From the price given to me by the Tigard Knitting Guild, it is also very affordable.

Knit One Crochet Too Ambrosia (70% Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere) - This yarn is very soft, luxurious, and beautiful. It did split on me a few times, but I would love to get some of this to knit some socks with it.

ON Linie-Linie 67 Como (100% Polyester) - This was a blast to knit with! It is feathery and shimmery at the same time. By far my favorite novelty yarn of this sample packet.

Trendsetter Yarns Fatigues (50% Wool, 50% Polyester) - This was beautiful and feminine. It reminded me of a flamenco dancer. It did break on me a few times, but I am a tight knitter. I'd be careful when knitting this yarn, but it is very interesting and beautiful.

Habu Textiles Tobi Moire (100% Polyester) - This really is knitted, I didn't just ball it up and put it on the card. I found this yarn frustrating and odd. It is like a string with tufts glued on every five inches or so. I think this would make a great embellishment, but I wouldn't knit with it personally.

Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Kid Mohair (80% Kid Mohair, 5% Wool, 5% Polyamide) - This was a fuzzy and fun yarn. I really loved how it felt on my skin. It did tangle some, but it was pretty easy to untangle.

TKGSH Sample Yarns 1

Sample yarns 1 Posted by Picasa

I'm not a yarn critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought you might like to know what an average knitter thought of these yarns. I surely don't get a chance to knit with these yarns every day, so this should be a fun adventure for me!

Clockwise from top left:

RYC Cashsoft DK (57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Microfiber, 10% Cashmere) - This yarn is so incredibly soft. This is one of my favorites so far. It is what I imagine yarn would feel like in heaven. It is great for those who love the softness of novelty yarns, but the stitch definition of acrylic or wool. I have a feeling some of this yarn will make it's way home with me.

Rowan Baby Soft (50% Wool, 30% Polyester, 20% Cotton) - This is another one of my favorites. It has a fuzziness that the Cashsoft doesn't, so it blurs the fabric somewhat. It is very soft. Here again, this would be a great yarn for someone that likes the softness of novelty, but is looking for more stitch definition. This would give your finished product a "halo" effect though, which is very much desired in knitting for babies.

Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool (65% Wool, 35% Silk) - Out of the six yarns I am reviewing on this post, this one is my very favorite. It has the look of suede, and I would have never guessed this was wool. Interesting texture, and very soft. I WILL be bringing some of this home with me. I can only imagine (and drool) about socks with this yarn. If you see this yarn, buy it. You really have to try how great this feels, and it is very interesting to knit with.

Artful Yarns Heavenly (45% Mohair, 35% Nylon, 15% Acrylic, 5% Metallic) - This one isn't really my cup of tea. It is interesting, that much is for sure, but you certainly can't make any mistakes with this yarn. I was trying to eek one more row before binding off, and found I just couldn't do it, so I ripped back one row. It was difficult. If you like interesting texture mixed with metallic, go for it! I can say that it was a very interesting experience, and I might like the metallic and the mohair separately better than them together.

Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora (80% Cotton, 20% Angora) - This yarn was soft and has great stitch definition. I imagine it making a wonderful summer tank top. The Angora lends a luxurious softness to the cotton that is incredible.

Debbie Bliss Cathay (50% Cotton, 35% Viscose Microfiber, 15% Silk) - This yarn was very soft, incredible stitch definition, and a metallic-looking sheen to it that is very interesting. The only downfall was that it tended to split on me often. Other than that, it was wonderful. I imagine this as a classy summer tee for the office.

Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop!

I joined the Tigard Knitting Guild and will be going along on the shop hop. We will be boarding a bus and visiting yarn shops in the area. I was sent several sample yarns today to try that will be on sale at the shops. The shops we will be visiting are:
All About Yarn
Two Swans Yarns
The Knitting Bee
Molehill Farm
Northwest Wools

and shops that have helped with supplies and treats:

Woodland Woolworks
The Naked Sheep
Abundant Yarn
Knit Knot Studio
Close Knit

Needless to say, I'm very excited. I'm knitting up the sample yarns and will show pictures along with my comments for you guys.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Modeled tricky socks

Modeled tricky pair Posted by Picasa

Soooo comfortable!

Completed tricky socks!

Completed tricky pair Posted by Picasa

I completed them! The stripes match too! Now on to another pair :D

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