Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Spoke too soon

This sock is kicking my rear! I've frogged and reknit it so many times, that I'm quite certain it will start a fire the next time around. This last time I had to frog it was because I was to the gusset decreases and found previous stitches from the short row heel that had come undone. Trying to fix it had caused more harm than good. So, I thought I'd frog it just to the heel flap, but then I realized that the yarn was going the wrong way around the sock. I sure as heck didn't want to purl the rest of the sock, so I just frogged, frogged, frogged. So, I reknit it again, up to the gusset, and the pick ups were perfect. I started the gusset decreases when I realized the sock looked a little strange. I hadn't turned the heel, and once again the yarn was going the wrong direction. I refuse to give up on principle. I've frogged this thing maybe two dozen times and if I give in to the sock now, it will be laughing at me forever. I'd have to involve some kind of voodoo ritual for the wool to lift the curse, I'm sure. So, I look at it this way: If I don't knit this damn sock all of my future knitting will be crap. I will have nightmares of laughing socks and I will have to live a sockless existence. So, to sum this post up...........................



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