Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Red Dishcloths

Red Dishcloths Posted by Picasa

As you know, I looooove making dishcloths. I usually use the same pattern, because it is relaxing knitting. I can knit these in the dark or while watching a good movie, because I know the pattern by heart. It is easy, and fun! People usually mistake these for potholders because of the crochet loop I put at the top, but that is just something I put on there for myself. After I use these to wash dishes or the countertops, I rinse them off and hang them on the handle of the faucet to dry. Makes life easier, I think :) I was surprised how much the dye bled for these. My kitchen is done in red and green (apples) so I wanted to make red and green dishcloths, but I'm told those are the worst colors for dye, as they are hard to set. I've been told to do everything from soak them in vinegar, to salt, to baking them in the oven. I just rinsed them until all the dye was out of the water, and they seemed to do just fine.


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