Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mystery pink kiss square

Pink Kiss Square Posted by Picasa

I don't quite know what this will be when I'm finished, but it is just so yummy to knit with.

Close up of Pink Kiss Square

Closeup of pink kiss square Posted by Picasa

Learning Intarsia, back of swatch

Back of 1st intarsia swatch Posted by Picasa

Learning Intarsia

1st intarsia swatch Posted by Picasa

I had a hard time remembering which color went where, but for the most part I'm satisfied. I'm going to be finding a more challenging project and practice with that for a while.

Purple Socks

Purple socks Posted by Picasa

These are the purple wool/acrylic socks I've been working on, but I'm bored with them at the moment, so they are just in a project bag, waiting for some attention. I usually have several projects going at once, so that I can knit with whatever feels good at the moment.

Red Dishcloths

Red Dishcloths Posted by Picasa

As you know, I looooove making dishcloths. I usually use the same pattern, because it is relaxing knitting. I can knit these in the dark or while watching a good movie, because I know the pattern by heart. It is easy, and fun! People usually mistake these for potholders because of the crochet loop I put at the top, but that is just something I put on there for myself. After I use these to wash dishes or the countertops, I rinse them off and hang them on the handle of the faucet to dry. Makes life easier, I think :) I was surprised how much the dye bled for these. My kitchen is done in red and green (apples) so I wanted to make red and green dishcloths, but I'm told those are the worst colors for dye, as they are hard to set. I've been told to do everything from soak them in vinegar, to salt, to baking them in the oven. I just rinsed them until all the dye was out of the water, and they seemed to do just fine.

back of fair isle 2 Posted by Picasa

This is the back side of the sample fair isle pattern in Knitting for Dummies. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to learn fair isle. The descriptions make things so much easier.

Front of Fair Isle 2 Posted by Picasa

Front view of the sample fair isle pattern in Knitting for Dummies. Once again, the edges are sloppy, and binding off was a bit of a mystery, but I figured it out.

Back of Fair Isle 1 Posted by Picasa

This is the backside of my geometric fair isle project.

Learning Fair Isle-Fair Isle 1Posted by Picasa

I sat down last night and did two fair isle projects. This one is a geometric pattern, and was easier than I thought it would be. The edges are very sloppy, but I figure that will come in time.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Learning to do list

On my "to learn" list, is Fair Isle, Intarsia, Entrelac, Double Knitting, Mosaic Knitting, and eventually making a sweater. I so dread sweater making, I'm not sure why. I've gotten out the old Knitting for Dummies book, and am ready to start Fair Isle. Wish me luck!

Knitting Buddy

My Knitting Buddy Posted by Picasa

This is the knitting buddy I made. It is basically a very long rectangle with rice and lavender inside. You heat it in the microwave for moist, nice smelling heat when you have sore muscles or to cuddle up with on a cold night. It is my own pattern, but very easy to do. Just make it as large as you wish. I've been experimenting with what to use inside. The best rice holder so far is a nylon stocking tied and sewed in place. I like to put lavender with the rice to make it smell nice. If you make these, please warn people to watch how hot it gets in the microwave. It can get very, very hot and can burn you. How long you microwave it depends on how large it is and how much rice you have in it, but please use good judgement.

still having loose stitch problems Posted by Picasa

Second open cable Posted by Picasa

This one went better, but there were a couple of stitches that are reversed. I think I read the chart backwards. Oops! I must say that I was pretty proud of this though, for the most part.

First attempt at open cable Posted by Picasa

I am now working on my cables again. I did a few practice runs of a left and right cable, then tried an open cable that went terribly, terribly wrong.

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