Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Not a whole lot of knitting going on

I've been having more and more troubles with my shoulder when I knit. It seems to be mainly my right shoulder, and I can only knit for short periods of time now.

I have played around with fabric knitting, which yielded a nice purse, and one in my WIP basket as well. I've also been playing with some kiss yarn, which so far is the softest yarn I've ever felt. It is delicious! I'm planning on finding a pattern for footie socks (socks with the toes shaped like gloves are) so I can make them for my cousin, with some kiss trimmings. I'm also getting closer to doing a sweater, which is the one thing I really haven't tried yet. I guess because I know I get bored with projects easily and have to put them down and come back to them, I know that a sweater will take me years to finish. I did finish a couple of neck buddies, one too small, and one too long (lol) but they are fabulous none the less. I put some lavender and orange peel in them, they smell great! Pictures forthcoming on all FP.


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