Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Revisions to Ryan's hat

I went over to my Mother's house and brought all of my current projects with me so she could see them. I also got the rare glimpse of my brother, Ryan, and had him try on a couple of hats to find the sizing that he likes and which design he wants. The hat that I thought he'd like was too tight for him, which I knew it would be. The blue 2x2 was too big, so my thinking on sizing was just right. However, he brought out a hat he got for his birthday and asked if I could do it. I looked at it and it is a very small stitched stockinette hat with double fabric and a brim. He doesn't want the brim (thank goodness, because I've no idea how to make it) but he does want the double fabric. I don't think I'm going out and buying needles specifically for his hat, so he is going to get a size 7 needle until I can get a smaller one. I think that I could just knit until I have about double what I need, then turn it inside out and stitch the end to the top. He does want a blue stripe at the bottom of the hat, which would mean approximately in the middle, which may be a little trickier to work, but I'll try. Oh, I hope he likes this.


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