Monday, November 29, 2004

Chenille Santa Hat

Chenille Santa Hat Posted by Hello

This is my latest project, the Chenille Santa Hat. It is made with Lion Brand Chenille and Fun Fur. So far, it sheds quite a bit, and doesn't smell very good, but it feels good to work with.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Revisions to Ryan's hat

I went over to my Mother's house and brought all of my current projects with me so she could see them. I also got the rare glimpse of my brother, Ryan, and had him try on a couple of hats to find the sizing that he likes and which design he wants. The hat that I thought he'd like was too tight for him, which I knew it would be. The blue 2x2 was too big, so my thinking on sizing was just right. However, he brought out a hat he got for his birthday and asked if I could do it. I looked at it and it is a very small stitched stockinette hat with double fabric and a brim. He doesn't want the brim (thank goodness, because I've no idea how to make it) but he does want the double fabric. I don't think I'm going out and buying needles specifically for his hat, so he is going to get a size 7 needle until I can get a smaller one. I think that I could just knit until I have about double what I need, then turn it inside out and stitch the end to the top. He does want a blue stripe at the bottom of the hat, which would mean approximately in the middle, which may be a little trickier to work, but I'll try. Oh, I hope he likes this.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Crochet lapghan progress

Crochet lapghan Posted by Hello

I've added two more skeins to the crochet lapghan for myself. I'm using the colors I have around the house, so they don't really match, but the comfort more than makes up for it. The homespun yarn may be h ard to knit with, but crocheting this pattern is a dream. It is so fuzzy and soft! I think it will be done when the dark brown (beginning on the left side of the picture) is gone. It is large enough. I've had to frog the cable washcloth so many times! It is just for practice, but still frustrating.

Monday, November 01, 2004

My first cable!

My first cable! Posted by Hello

I decided to bite the bullet and just try to do a cable. I was surprised at how easy it was, despite all the mystery surrounding this beautiful stitch alteration. I am doing a c4b surrounded by 10 stockinette stitches on either side. I'm finding that the stitches near the cable are extremely sloppy regardless how tightly I knit them, maybe it is something I'm doing wrong. I looked at a stitch library and added 10 stitches on either side for the swatch, so I can use this later if I so desire. I also noticed a "floater" on the back side of my first cable, but not on the second. Well, regardless of how this turns out, I guess I can always say I at least tried!

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