Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Project clarifications

I've not started a new pair of socks yet, keeping my dpns free for my brother's hat. He finally gave me more clarification in to what he wants. Black with a light blue stripe at the bottom. Ooooookaaaaay. I guess he has to be an individual. I have been working on the gigantic bed afghan some more, and I have heard that my Mother has intentions of stealing it. I tried explaining that it isn't anything fancy, but I guess she just likes it anyway. There are even parts of it that have holes from when I dropped a stitch in the middle....this was really my first knitting project ever. I just add to it now and again. The crocheted lapghan that I'm making for myself is needing another skein added to it, but I just am not sure if I should go with the same color. Why not mix it up a bit? I can't believe how many compliments I've gotten on the red hat with black stripe. This seems to be everyone's favorite hat, and I'm very thankful for the compliments. That hat is what inspired me to make more hats, even though I don't wear them myself. I just don't look good in hats for some reason. In retrospect, I should have tried a hat for my first dpn project, it is so much easier. I guess I have to learn the hard way. I was eyeing this yarn in the store for socks, and I just decided that for all the heck the red socks put me through, I deserve it! It isn't a fancy yarn, but I think it'll make a great pattern. It is TLC wiggles in dark blue. I'm interested to see if it makes a difference in the texture, but I have a feeling it would be small if it did. The crocheted lapghan for Grandma was a hit. I knew she'd love it even if it didn't turn out the way I planned, but she looked like she did love it. I know she likes soft textures, and the homespun is that. I also love that it can be washed and dried at home with no special care. That is important to me when starting a project. I did use the same yarn and pattern for scarves last year, I just made it a very long and wide scarf :)


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