Monday, October 18, 2004

My next projects

My next projects Posted by Hello

The cotton ease is my favorite to make washcloths out of, however I prefer a stiffer yarn for dishcloths. The wool ease is for a pair of socks I plan on knitting when my brother's hat is off of my dpns. Those needles I bought in Eugene, it is clay on the top, very spendy, but lovely. I only used them once, because I was so afriad of breaking them. I have many things I still want to learn in knitting. Fair isle being the most important. It looks so menacing, fair isle. I'll get the courage to try soon enough, but I'm probably going to tackle cables first. I've done your basic 'cable-looking' patterns that are from ssk and k2tog, but not used an actual cable needle. It doesn't look too bad. Since my first pair of socks were dreadful, I'm looking for a new pattern of socks that will challenge me, but still not want to pull my hair out trying to knit it either. I know that a lot of my webrings don't work yet, they will soon.

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