Monday, October 18, 2004

Blue Knit Hat

Blue Knit Hat Posted by Hello

This hat is made using 2x2 ribbing, then stockinette in the round. I'm making several hats with different styles for my brother to see the styles. After he tells me which style he likes best, I'll knit one just for him. This is my creation, but it isn't difficult, and I'm sure it's been done before since it is so generic. I just like the way 2x2 ribbing looks, don't you?

Worsted weight yarn
Set of 5 dpns

Cast on 100 sts (25x4)
K2, P2 ribbing for 3 inches
Knit every round for 4 inches
decrease rounds:
Round 1: *K8, K2tog
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: *K7, K2tog
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: *K6, K2tog
Round 6: Knit
Round 7: *K5, K2tog
Round 8: Knit
Round 9: *K4, K2tog
Round 10: Knit
Round 11: *K3, K2tog
Round 12: Knit
Round 13: *K2, K2tog
Round 14: Knit
Round 15: *K1, K2tog
Round 16: Knit
Round 17: *K2tog

Pull yarn through rem sts and up through 'hole' in top, darn in ends.


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